Presentation: What is a fire regime and why should I care?

Download the presentation here.

On Feb. 7, 2018, Dave Andison (Project Coordinator for Landscapes in Motion) was invited to present a talk for the Crowsnest Conservation Society in Blairmore, Alberta. 

This presentation explains the concept of fire regimes and how they shape ecosystems. Historical photographs by the Mountain Legacy Project help us to better understand the fire regimes of the past and how they have shaped the forests of southwestern Alberta. How has the landscape changed since we started putting fires out more and more effectively, and harvesting using checkerboards as our template? How can we take these lessons to try and manage landscapes in ways that align more closely with natural processes? 

You can download the presentation as a .pdf document. Notes are provided as comment boxes in the top-left corner of each slide. A short summary of the night of talks in Blairmore is available here.