Poster: Modelling the effects of vegetation on fire spread

Barros, C., D. W. Andison, S. Cumming, and E. McIntire. 2018 Including fire-vegetation feedbacks for modelling mixed-severity fire regimes at large spatial extents. Poster presentation: Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Aug. 5-10 2018, New Orleans, LA.

Ceres Barros of the Landscapes in Motion modelling team attended the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting (Aug. 5-10, 2018) in New Orleans, where she presented a poster of some preliminary modelling results.

View the poster (PDF) here.

Check out her poster to see some of the finer details of how she built the model and what it showed. Her key finding was that when we take into account the effects of vegetation on fire spread, fire attributes like size and severity change. This means that we need to take these feedbacks into account in models: we all know that fire affects vegetation, but we can't forget that vegetation can affect fire.

The results are preliminary, and Ceres is continuing to refine and expand the model. While in New Orleans, she used the poster to create discussion and get feedback from the wide range of scientists attending the conference.

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